The First Post!!!

I am so overwhemingly excited to be typing my very first blog post on “According to Chris!!!” I have been working diligently for a few days to create a blog site that could be fun, attractive, and helpful to others. The intention, and I tried so very hard, was to wait until everything about the site was just about complete THEN start blogging. However, I COULDN’T WAIT!!! Maybe it is because my creative juices are flowing or maybe because of my excitement, I have so many great topic ideas running through my head. So here’s to the first of many, many posts!
Feel free to like my posts, share my posts, and follow my blog. Also spread the word with your friends. If you have suggestions or topic ideas that you would like for me to discuss, click the “contact me” tab and get in touch with me.
STAY TUNED!!! I can’t wait for our conversations to begin!!!

Go ahead… Say something!

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