Dear Mommy…

Dear Mommy,
It has been over 2 years since you went to heaven and left me here to live in your absence. There have been times that I felt handicapped because of my grief and my fear of doing things without you. But today, I have no tears of sadness, and do not feel debilitated because of my loss. Today I am proud…proud of me! Mom, I am moments away from releasing to the world something that I know God, Himself, laid on my heart. From first thought to launch, I have worked hard. What I know deep within my gut is that I will touch many lives because I decided to step out on faith and do what the Lord has given me to do. 
Though you will not be here to read my blogs, you are in my heart and head pushing and encouraging me. I also know that you are in heaven amongst the “great cloud of witnesses” rooting me on. [Hebrews 12:1]. Thank you for teaching me to do what I am assigned to do, even if means making sacrifices. Thank you for teaching me to be proud of myself and my accomplishments. Lastly, thank you for being proud of me, because I know that you are!
I love you dearly and miss you terribly,

One response to “Dear Mommy…”

  1. Chamekay Syntelle Avatar
    Chamekay Syntelle

    *TEARS* I am so happy for you Chris! Your mother was a great inspiration to myself and mother. She IS greatly missed. I have not experienced the pain of losing a mother, but I have lost my Father. I felt the same as you, handicapped, feeling like the world has been snatched away, but thanks be to God who causes us to triumph! We will hold to the memories of our precious loved ones and we will push and continue to make them proud! You have inspired me! I too have stepped out on somethings! I wasn’t going to announce it because I feel as though I’m not as “qualified” as others, but I’m going to just do it!! I’ll share it with you first!! Check your FB inbox!! 🙂

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