Month: July 2017

Stay In The Game

If I had to give a subtitle to this post, I would call it “Pass Go & Collect $200.” Remember the game Monopoly? As a child I was interested in the fake money involved, so I loved the game. As I got older, I… Continue Reading “Stay In The Game”

Chapter 29: “And She Began Living”

First of all, HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEEEEEEE! Today is a very special day for me.  As you can see it is CDay, my very own national holiday, but today symbolizes sooooo much more.  July 26, 2017 marks the first day of my new… Continue Reading “Chapter 29: “And She Began Living””

May I Have a Refill?

You cannot pour from an empty cup. I am a giver.  By nature, I am supportive, devoted, invested, and loyal.  I take pride in doing my best to keep my word when I give my word.  I am a friend…you will never have to… Continue Reading “May I Have a Refill?”

It All Matters

I recently downloaded an app to my phone called “Sprinkle of Jesus.”  Almost everyday my best friend’s sister would share the post of the day, and after 94.3% of them brought me to tears or made me feel like I could do anything but… Continue Reading “It All Matters”

Just Let It Go…

  This post is allowing you into a very intimate space.  There is always a level of vulnerability when sharing with you all but with this particular post, I feel especially sensitive.  I am intentionally removing a layer and peeling off the mask.  Please… Continue Reading “Just Let It Go…”