Month: February 2018

Seasons Change: For Me vs. With Me

“The biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting people stay in my life far longer than they deserved.” | Seasons Change: For Me vs. With Me | I saw that quote on Facebook.  In typical Chris fashion, I took a moment… Continue Reading “Seasons Change: For Me vs. With Me”


I pushed my phone away; my silent resistance to what I knew was the undertone of the conversation.  I willed my phone to hush, but the text messages kept coming – back to back.  “I never get this much effort and attention from this… Continue Reading “#IssaTrap”

What’s the Point?

Disclaimer:  I’ll go ahead and admit off top that this blog may not be well constructed.  Inspired by a scripture that I couldn’t shake and a series of “Aha” moments, I am just going to type my jumbled thoughts on the page and pray… Continue Reading “What’s the Point?”

Rock Bottom . Rebuild

Rock Bottom – rock-bot·tom \ ˈräk-ˈbä-təm \  (noun): 1. the lowest possible level What does rock bottom look like? For me, it was the imagine of a drug addicted, homeless gentleman who begged for a few dollars only to shoot up, smoke, or drink… Continue Reading “Rock Bottom . Rebuild”