Month: February 2020

Late, But On Time

A few things: I may have written something along the lines of this topic some years ago.  You should keep reading anyway.  I will probably get straight to the point today because I’m not sure how to stretch out these words nor do I… Continue Reading “Late, But On Time”

To the Women I Love…

I sat on the couch opposite my therapist staring at my wringing hands.  “Two weeks ago made ten years since my mother died.  Next week will make a year since my mother-in-law died.  Some days I don’t feel that I’ve fully processed that,” I… Continue Reading “To the Women I Love…”

Seasons End.

After months of being semi-ghosted or at least given the chilliest cold shoulder I’d ever endured, I sought understanding.  What had I done?  What did I need to apologize for, because I was willing.  In place of an explanation, I heard, “Our season has… Continue Reading “Seasons End.”


Nestled in the safety of my four-door sedan, parked outside of my home, I wept.  A glance in the review mirror was only a metaphorical confirmation for what I felt internally: I wasn’t myself.  Who was this woman staring back at me in the… Continue Reading “Found”