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Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It

Addition, subtraction, steering, and makeup application…  My morning drive is usually a test to see how well I can multi-task (don’t judge me), but now we’re adding math in the mix too, Chris?  My brain crunched numbers trying to figure out how many miles… Continue Reading “Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It”

Seasons End.

After months of being semi-ghosted or at least given the chilliest cold shoulder I’d ever endured, I sought understanding.  What had I done?  What did I need to apologize for, because I was willing.  In place of an explanation, I heard, “Our season has… Continue Reading “Seasons End.”


Nestled in the safety of my four-door sedan, parked outside of my home, I wept.  A glance in the review mirror was only a metaphorical confirmation for what I felt internally: I wasn’t myself.  Who was this woman staring back at me in the… Continue Reading “Found”

Reality Check: It’s Not Okay

Disclaimer:  This post will be a bit deep, I will be very vulnerable, and I will be talking about domestic/intimate partner violence.  Please only read this if you can handle it. | Reality Check: It’s Not Okay | I sat in the big, cold… Continue Reading “Reality Check: It’s Not Okay”

Timing is Everything

“Being a light in darkness sometimes means that the parts of me that I’d rather hide are illuminated too.”  Each week, I share a bit of my truth, peel back a layer, and allow you access to another piece of me.  Today I will… Continue Reading “Timing is Everything”

Because I Said So

I am going to just go ahead a lay all of my cards on the table, be real with you, “Keep it 100 (pronounced one hunnnet),” as the young people say.  “These are my confessions…” (lol) I didn’t feel like blogging today. Let us… Continue Reading “Because I Said So”

Checking In: Dear Strong Friend

Once again, we are shook by the blow of suicide.  It is all over the news, flooding our social media news feeds, and now the talk of the town.  But for some of us, the news of another celebrity loss to the hands of… Continue Reading “Checking In: Dear Strong Friend”


Today I am going to allow you into a very private space with very fragile thoughts.  Today I am sharing my heart with you.  Please be gentle. | Chosen | Growing up, I had my wrestles with low self-esteem.  It seemed like in every… Continue Reading “Chosen”

I Am No Longer Responsible

“I will no longer pour into a cup with a hole in the bottom!”  I frustratingly made that bold declaration after at least 30 minutes of giving some of my best advice to someone who was determined not to hear me.  I thought to… Continue Reading “I Am No Longer Responsible”

Broken Pieces

“You’re a survivor! Look at the hand life dealt you, and look at what you’re doing with it. You’re still in the game, girl! Things may be hard, but you’re making it on broken pieces.” I boldly declared that to my mirror’s reflection as… Continue Reading “Broken Pieces”