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Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It

Addition, subtraction, steering, and makeup application…  My morning drive is usually a test to see how well I can multi-task (don’t judge me), but now we’re adding math in the mix too, Chris?  My brain crunched numbers trying to figure out how many miles… Continue Reading “Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It”

Late, But On Time

A few things: I may have written something along the lines of this topic some years ago.  You should keep reading anyway.  I will probably get straight to the point today because I’m not sure how to stretch out these words nor do I… Continue Reading “Late, But On Time”

More Than One Way

 Frustrated, I lowered my head and let a few tears stream down my cheeks.  “This isn’t how I planned it,” I whispered as I considered how scrambled my plans had become.  What was once a clear road to success seemed congested detours, and uncertainty… Continue Reading “More Than One Way”

Pep Talk: You’re Doing Just Fine

It’s been a while since I’ve shared something really personal with you.  Today, I will be just a little vulnerable.  Please be gentle. | Pep Talk: You’re Doing Just Fine | Disclaimer: This may not be a “One size fits all” kind of blog… Continue Reading “Pep Talk: You’re Doing Just Fine”

Keep the Change

This is it.  This is the last part of my three-part series on change.  If you are behind, go read Don’t Ignore the Change and Necessary Change to catch up. Disclaimer: As I mentioned last week and the week before, the introduction may be… Continue Reading “Keep the Change”

Necessary Change

Today I am sharing part two of my three-part series on Change.  (I feel like a preacher… “My three-part series.”  Ha!)  If you have not had the opportunity to read part one, “Don’t Ignore the Change,” I strongly encourage you to start there. Disclaimer:… Continue Reading “Necessary Change”

Don’t Ignore the Change

Two things: Number one, I missed you.  I didn’t write last week, and I didn’t realize how much I’d miss sharing with you guys.  Number two, I believe this will be part one of a possible three-part series on change.  This wasn’t planned; it’s… Continue Reading “Don’t Ignore the Change”

Why Not?

I was on a roll typing a completely different blog, then I deleted it for this. | Why Not? | This blog is inspired by the conversation that I just had with my co-worker less than five minutes ago. “I really want to move… Continue Reading “Why Not?”

Grace to Finish

I anxiously stood by the time clock occasionally glancing to check the time.  I was only one minute away from one of my greatest accomplishments.  After a treacherous 60 seconds which felt more like an eternity, I positioned my hand in the holster of… Continue Reading “Grace to Finish”

Finding the Balance

I’m going to do my level best to get straight to the point today. | Finding the Balance | Today’s post is inspired by the gray clouds that we experienced this morning as well as a post that resurfaced in my Facebook Memories. On… Continue Reading “Finding the Balance”