Who is Chris?


“A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.” -Loretta Young

My name is Christen Rouson, but please call me “Chris”…I insist

But who is Chris?  I am no one famous, and I am not globally recognized.  In fact, there are many who may not know me at all. However, I am spectacular. I am amazing. I am me. I am made of flaws and imperfections, I have made mistakes, I have experienced failure, but all of those things have made me into the woman who I am today…strong, wise, and happy!

There is only one Christen Rouson like this here Christen Rouson, and that is enough!

I am an extreme lover of life, love, and laughter.  I believe there is nothing more precious than time and the heart of another human being.  I say what I mean and mean what I say mean — yeah, I’m the blunt, tell-it-like-it-is friend. Everything I do is straight from the heart, and I tend to always consider others.  

Why am I on God’s green earth?  My life’s purpose is to help someone become his/her best self, to give hope to someone who can’t find any within, and to help someone make wiser choices.  If sharing my story can uplift, inspire, provoke thought and prevent, I am more than willing to share.  

I love my family, and I’m “Auntie Dude” to 4 nephews and a niece as well as other random kids… I enjoy being a proud member of “The Village” that helps to raise a child.  I believe shaping a child’s mind is shaping the future.  I am a Jesus lover and follower, a devoted partner of my local church, and unashamed to be the woman God called me to be.  I live by the mantra, “Be a light!” Hopefully browsing through this website will help you learn more about me.

For the record… My formal biography:

Christen Rouson is a native of Chesapeake, VA.  Born to Dr. A. Ray Rouson, Sr. and the late Dr. Christina W. Rouson, she is the youngest and only girl of three children birthed from this union.  Christen is affectionately called “Auntie Dude” by her one niece and four nephews and “Chris” by friends.

Christen Rouson received an Associate’s Degree in Occupational Sciences from Centura College [Chesapeake, VA] in 2008, and is a graduate of Rudy and Kelly Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, [Virginia Beach, VA] where she studied cosmetology.  By day, she works for a local school system as a Lead Secretary for a high school.

Among the many things that Christen is gifted to do, she loves to sing and perform. She discovered her love for music while singing in her parents’ church choir. Throughout high school, Christen was a participant in various all-city, district, and state competitions. Over the years, she has sung with a variety of groups as well as graced the stage with greats such as Stellar Award Winning artist, Earl Bynum, Virginia Legend, Peggy Britt, and an array of local artists from Virginia and North Carolina.  In 2010, she performed on BET’s Bobby Jones’ Gospel Show with gospel artist, Todd Dulaney.

Christen Rouson has served as the Director of Worship & Fine Arts, Minister of Music, and primary Worship Leader for Shekinah Kingdom Church (www.placeofchange.org) in Chesapeake, VA since 2010. In addition to lending her voice each Sunday morning and for background vocals for other artists, she can be heard singing the theme song for Bishop K.W. Brown’s weekly broadcast Marriage Talk, as well as Rejoice 100.9’s syndicated radio show, The Cletus Kassidy Show. She was a featured artist on the 2013 release of A Change of Keys by Pastor Cedric Rouson.

In addition to her love of singing, Christen has discovered her passion for the theater arts.  In 2014 she joined the cast of NJ Productions, Inc. – a local play production company.  Since that time, she has performed in four shows: Choose Ye This Day and Try God with leading roles in How Did I Get Here?  Unequally Yoked and You Win.  She also acted and wrote original music for the stage play Your Mama’s Drama produced by Healing, LLC.  In 2019, Christen wrote, produced, and directed her first stage play The Unexpected Gift.

Though she tends to live a busy life, Christen finds joy in the simple things: reading a good book, writing both literary works and songs, listening to music, eating delicious food, laughing, and sleeping.  She also enjoys being creative and is often found doing anything from making a custom tutu to styling hair under her umbrella company Courtesy of Chris Creations.  Christen enjoys spending quality time with her family and close friends.

“So happy being me. I’m regretting nothing about me. Too busy living life, giving love freely. I’m so happy being ME!” -Donald Lawrence