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Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It

Addition, subtraction, steering, and makeup application…  My morning drive is usually a test to see how well I can multi-task (don’t judge me), but now we’re adding math in the mix too, Chris?  My brain crunched numbers trying to figure out how many miles… Continue Reading “Adulting: I Don’t Feel Like It”

Late, But On Time

A few things: I may have written something along the lines of this topic some years ago.  You should keep reading anyway.  I will probably get straight to the point today because I’m not sure how to stretch out these words nor do I… Continue Reading “Late, But On Time”

To the Women I Love…

I sat on the couch opposite my therapist staring at my wringing hands.  “Two weeks ago made ten years since my mother died.  Next week will make a year since my mother-in-law died.  Some days I don’t feel that I’ve fully processed that,” I… Continue Reading “To the Women I Love…”

Seasons End.

After months of being semi-ghosted or at least given the chilliest cold shoulder I’d ever endured, I sought understanding.  What had I done?  What did I need to apologize for, because I was willing.  In place of an explanation, I heard, “Our season has… Continue Reading “Seasons End.”


Nestled in the safety of my four-door sedan, parked outside of my home, I wept.  A glance in the review mirror was only a metaphorical confirmation for what I felt internally: I wasn’t myself.  Who was this woman staring back at me in the… Continue Reading “Found”

It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect

It’s been too long, and I have absolutely missed writing and sharing with you.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I posted a blog…maybe a month ago?  Sheesh!  Too much time has elapsed.  The truth is, I have been writing here and there,… Continue Reading “It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect”


I’m feeling silly today… | Nah. | You ever look back a phase of your life and say to yourself, “Whew!  I’m glad I’m over that?”  I have had my fair share of What in the Blue Hell Was I thinking moments. I have… Continue Reading “Nah.”

More Than One Way

 Frustrated, I lowered my head and let a few tears stream down my cheeks.  “This isn’t how I planned it,” I whispered as I considered how scrambled my plans had become.  What was once a clear road to success seemed congested detours, and uncertainty… Continue Reading “More Than One Way”

The Silent Treatment

I’m a believer.  I’m a worship leader.  I’m a low-key, unofficial counselor.  Blah, blah, blah.  I’m a human.  Today, I am going to be honest even if it makes me look a little less spiritual. | The Silent Treatment | I recently saw a… Continue Reading “The Silent Treatment”

Keeping My Hands to Myself

I was having a really hard time.  Why was I struggling while everyone else was okay…specifically the ones that I helped?  It just didn’t seem fair that I was the one with the short end of the stick when it was my stick to… Continue Reading “Keeping My Hands to Myself”