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More Than One Way

 Frustrated, I lowered my head and let a few tears stream down my cheeks.  “This isn’t how I planned it,” I whispered as I considered how scrambled my plans had become.  What was once a clear road to success seemed congested detours, and uncertainty… Continue Reading “More Than One Way”

Why Not?

I was on a roll typing a completely different blog, then I deleted it for this. | Why Not? | This blog is inspired by the conversation that I just had with my co-worker less than five minutes ago. “I really want to move… Continue Reading “Why Not?”

A Peace of 30: The Turning Point

With every step closer to 30, I felt different.  I knew I had been undergoing transformations, but this felt like more than self-discovery, and it wasn’t like some of the transitions from before.  It was like the quiet whisper of wind right after the… Continue Reading “A Peace of 30: The Turning Point”

Do it and See What Happens

“This is the year to just ‘Do it and see what happens,’” my best friend, JoJo, declared.  Simply put, he was telling me and every other listening ear that this is the season to throw all caution to the win and try.  I heard… Continue Reading “Do it and See What Happens”


This will be the final post of a series of three posts called, “Start. Don’t Stop. Finish.”  If you didn’t read Start. or Don’t Stop., I think you should start there and don’t stop until you’ve finished them both.  (Can that corny joke work… Continue Reading “Finish.”

Don’t Stop.

This will be part two of a series of three posts called, “Start. Don’t Stop. Finish.”  If you didn’t read last week’s post Start., then I think you should start there.  (You see what I did just then?  *smirk*) | Don’t Stop. | I… Continue Reading “Don’t Stop.”


This will be part one of a series of three posts called, “Start. Don’t Stop. Finish.” | Start. | Me: “Hi!  My name is Christen…” Y’all: “Hi, Christen!” Me: “…and I am a procrastinator.” Y’all, it’s TERRIBLE! I have found that I work best… Continue Reading “Start.”

Rock Bottom . Rebuild

Rock Bottom – rock-bot·tom \ ˈräk-ˈbä-təm \  (noun): 1. the lowest possible level What does rock bottom look like? For me, it was the imagine of a drug addicted, homeless gentleman who begged for a few dollars only to shoot up, smoke, or drink… Continue Reading “Rock Bottom . Rebuild”

I Can Do All Things

“Sometimes you just have to risk it and when you walk on water, God will hold you up.” -Pastor Cedric Rouson | I Can Do All Things | I’ll come back that quote soon. A few days ago, I polled my social media friends… Continue Reading “I Can Do All Things”

This or That, or Both: Removing Limitations

Preface:  I have been wrestling  with blogging from the title “This, That, or Both” for about the last 3 weeks.  In standard Christen fashion, I talked myself out of it because, truthfully, I was talking myself out of everything (I’ll explain more later).  Some… Continue Reading “This or That, or Both: Removing Limitations”